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Destination Wedding - Las Vegas Wording

Destination Wedding - Las Vegas Verse 1

We invite you to be with us
as we begin our new life together
on Saturday, the third of May
two thousand eighteen
at two o'clock in the afternoon

The Little White Chapel
Las Vegas, Nevada

Julie Moore
James Black

Destination Wedding - Las Vegas Verse 2

Together they rolled the dice
taking a gamble on their future
Quickly it became clear
that the dice were right
Now Jenny and Tom
are about to unite!

You are invited to attend
the marriage ceremony of
Jennifer Green
Micheal Jameson
Friday, April 11, 2018
at 8 o'clock in the evening
Chapel of Love
Las Vegas, Nevada

Wedding Announcement - Las Vegas Verse 3

It could have been the time
maybe it was the place,
we thought you should
know in any case!

Our daughter,
Tanya Bryan
was married to Matt Gerard
on Tuesday, the sixth of May
two thousand eighteen
in Las Vegas, Nevada

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Bryan

Destination Wedding - Las Vegas Verse 4

We spun the wheel
and took a chance,
we hit the jackpot
with true romance!
Samara Angela Evans
Paul Peter Kendall
are now Mr. and Mrs. Kendall!
They were wed on
January 19, 2018
at the Wedding Chapel
Las Vegas, Nevada

Destination Wedding - Las Vegas Verse 5

Jackie Kingston
Lorne McDougall
ask you to join them
on their wedding day
as they turn a stroke of luck
into a winning streak!
Friday, December 12, 2018
at 12:12 p.m.
The MGM Grand
Las Vegas, Nevada

Reception to follow the ceremony in the Lynx Hall

Destination Wedding - Las Vegas Verse 6

Pack your bags
get out of town,
head to Vegas
and double down!
You have been invited to share our happiness as we,
Cindy Smith
Donald Marklin
unite in marriage
Saturday, the seventh of June
two thousand eighteen
at 7 o’clock in the evening
The Bellagio
Las Vegas, Nevada
Destination Wedding - Las Vegas