Sample Wording

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Thanksgiving Dinner Wording

Thanksgiving Dinner Verse 1

Please be our guests on
Thanksgiving Day
for feasting, reminiscing
and counting our blessings
at 4 o’clock in the afternoon
524 Grapevine Avenue
Vine, California

Nancy and Keith Jennings

Thanksgiving Dinner Verse 2

It's time to eat turkey and yams and cranberries too,
just like the Pilgrims used to do!
Join us for a
Thanksgiving Day Feast
on Thursday, November 26th
at 6 p.m.
37 Winding Road
Valley View, Oklahoma

The Gretna Family

Thanksgiving Dinner Verse 3

Please be our guests at our
Harvest Gathering
Friday, November 21st at 7:00 p.m.
2904 Madison Avenue
Morristown, New Jersey

Hosted by:

Lily & Brandon Brown
Kate & Adam Kennedy*

*R.S.V.P. 555-666-5789

Thanksgiving Dinner Verse 4

As autumn leaves turn
their brilliant hue,
join us for good conversation
and delicious food.

Thanksgiving Dinner Party
Wednesday, November 25th
6 o’clock in the evening

The Milton Ranch
89 Gregory Road
Plymouth, Vermont

Thanksgiving Dinner Verse 5

Sarah and Harold Jacobs
request the pleasure of your company for
Thanksgiving Dinner
the evening of Thursday,
November the twenty-fifth at eight o’clock
3629 Fifth Avenue
Irvine, California

Thanksgiving Dinner Verse 6

Please join us for a
Harvest Dinner
as we celebrate
this time of year!

Saturday, November 27th
6:00 p.m.
The Brown Home
4921 Decatur Street

R.S.V.P. 555-6352

Thanksgiving Dinner Verse 7

Sharing the Harvest Dinner

Winnie and Edward Franks
cordially invite you
to join them for
Thanksgiving Dinner
7 o'clock in the evening
156 Longmeadow Lane
Austin, Texas

Regrets only? 236-8998