Spooky Tea Party

An elegant, yet creepy affair!


Last year, we hosted a Spooky Tea Party in preparation for Halloween. We played eerie music (I recommend some organ tunes) and dressed in dark colors. The blog team even made tiny top hats with veils to wear for the occasion! We felt quite proper with our adornments.

The invitation we chose to announce the event to our guests was originally a cheery tea party invitation, but we spookified the design!

Once everyone had arrived, we sipped on herbal teas and snacked on petit fours and tiny sandwiches. Cucumber sandwiches are a true tea party classic.

We also did some 'ice breaker'-style questions to open up the conversation. We started with a reliable question - "If you could have tea with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?" but we put a spooky twist on it - your answer could not be anyone living.

We also played games where we guessed the candy based on the slogan, since Halloween was just a few days away.

It was a fun way to creep into the Halloween spirit without going all out and putting costumes on. It's a great alternative idea to a Monster Mash-style party, and could also be fun throughout the year - perhaps on Friday the 13th?