Stationery Art Projects For Kids


For centuries people have made all types of art, simply because humans enjoy creating beautiful things. Before we even had pens or paints, early humans would scratch drawings into the sides of caves! The wonderful thing about art is that it can be made by anyone, and appreciated by anyone. You can start with something as simple as handprints on paper, or sketch a detailed drawing too. Art can also be created with many different media or materials. For example, you could make art projects with paint, clay, wood, plastic, or even items that you find in the yard! The resources below will give you some ideas on what to do and how to get started.

Painting and Drawing

  • Drawing for Beginners - Start learning how to draw by using these techniques to sketch plants and animals outdoors.
  • Watercolor Painting - Follow a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a pretty watercolor painting.
  • Still Life - Learn to examine a still life painting for the clues within it.
  • Stages of a Painting - See how a professional painter creates a painting in many gradual steps.
  • Suzie's Room - Head over to Suzie's Room to explore a fun world of art tutorials, games, tips, and heaps more!
  • Sesame Street Coloring - Paint these Sesame Street pictures online, or print them out and color them in on paper.
  • Drawing and Shading - Find out how artists create beautiful pictures with colored pencils and then try one of your own!
  • Art with the Artbot - The Artbot has videos, games, and even an online gallery to help kids learn more about art and art projects!
  • Computer Art - Did you know that you can use your mouse to create art on your computer?
  • Art Techniques - Need some inspiration? Check out some of the different ways that people create art!

Useful Art Projects

  • Bookmarks and More! - Follow these tutorials to make a very unique bookmark and other crafts.
  • Clay Art - Find out how to make your very own modeling dough and then transform it into jewelry and other neat items.
  • Thumbprint Cards - Decorate a home-made greeting card with cute animals made from your thumbprints!
  • DIY Mask (PDF) - This instructional guide will show you how to make a fantasy mask out of paper.
  • Batik Creations - Painting on cloth can create wonderful projects that are both useful and decorative.
  • Matryushka Dolls - Make a set of adorable Russian nested dolls for yourself or a friend!
  • Weaving - See how weaving is done, and then learn how you can try it out yourself.
  • Handmade Paper - Making paper by hand is fun and a little bit messy too, but it results in lovely textured sheets.
  • A Mexican Piñata - Whip up a batch of papier mache glue and make a piñata with newspaper. When it's dry, you can paint and decorate it too.
  • Recycled Art - Not sure what to do? Rummage through your recycling bin, and then check this list for a project that matches your finds!

Decorative Art Projects

  • Animals and More! - These fun art projects can be used as decorations or even given as gifts.
  • Fresco Tutorial (PDF) - Learn how people made paintings on wet plaster in older times.
  • Artsy Bubbles - Food color and bubble solution combine to make a very colorful piece of art!
  • Lego Art - Get inspired with some examples of art pieces that kids created with only basic building blocks.
  • Leaf Sun Catchers - When the leaves change color in Fall, collect some of them to make this hanging mobile project.
  • Lino Poster - Use virtual lino stamps to make a decorative poster.
  • Woodprints - Look at how people have used woodcuts to make art and then try a woodcut project of your own.
  • Tiled Art - Using tiles to create a piece of art is a centuries-old practice! Browse this page for ideas before making your own mosaic.
  • Make a Diorama - A diorama is a miniature 3D scene. This tutorial will help you make a diorama with printouts and a show box.
  • Popsicle Stick Reindeer - Gather a few popsicle sticks to make a fun little red-nosed reindeer for the Christmas tree.
  • Leaf Paper Cuts - This activity is based on an old Canadian tradition of cutting leaf shapes out of paper.
  • A Portrait of Yourself - Follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest artists of our time by creating a self-portrait.
  • Potato Prints - Instead of using a rubber or wooden stamp, make your own prints with a plain old potato!
  • Creepy Crawlie Art - With a few clothespins and colored paper, you can make butterflies, caterpillars and other bugs to decorate the garden.
  • Turkey Projects - Check out these Thanksgiving art projects for some ideas on what to make yourself.