Super Bowl XLVII

By Amy

This year the sensational showdown will be held on February 3 in New Orleans, Louisiana. With the playoffs currently underway, you can bet on a good time for super Sunday just weeks away. Not only is there the clash of the two conference titans, the commercials during the game are not to be beat! With entertainment at its best, plan your Super Bowl party early!

Pre-Game Warm-Up:

Plan ahead and make sure to order Super Bowl invitations early! With such a popular event, sending an invitation out is sure to yield higher attendance. Make sure to give your guests at least three weeks notice; this allows them ample time to rsvp.

Kick Off:

Although watching the game is the highest priority of the day; people come for the food and drinks too! Make sure to plan perfect party food; think easy-to-eat appetizers and finger foods. Having one heartier dish, like chili, is also a good idea to keep your guests stomachs from growling. For drinks, beer is the traditional drink of choice; but for underage guests, embrace the football tradition and offer Gatorade instead of soda.


Halftime is a show in itself and guests certainly won't be disappointed with this year's headliner, Beyoncé. Guests can take this time to relax, get food and drink refills, and take bathroom breaks. Having games planned for this time too is a great way to keep up everyone's competitive spirit.

Post-Game Recap:

Have guests discuss the best plays of the game and have each person vote on who they think deserves the title of MVP. Even though there can only be one winner, keeping the discussion open is a fun, friendly way to end the party.