Trend Alert: Watercolor

Brushstrokes and soft colors are in style!

By Reilly

Watercolor is a sweet trend that has been popular for some time now, and I am very excited that it may become a mainstay among invitations and social stationery. While watercolor is a traditional artist's medium, it has recently reemerged in popularity in fashion illustration, interior design and editorial design. Our design team constantly seeks inspiration from these sources and this is becoming more and more evident in our invitation design.

Our watercolor invitations and stationery showcase gorgeous colors that can only be achieved through the pretty pigments of watercolor inks. When we begin one of these designs, the brush hits the paper with such promise and the result is always gorgeous, even if the design doesn't meet the website. I once painted watercolor stripes for about 30 minutes. In the end, there were just stripes, but man were they pretty!

Our collection has grown to include traditionally watercolor painted designs that have been digitized to provide a piece of art for an invitation design. Other designs are digitally painted. While not as authentic, digital watercolor painting allows for more control of color and the ability to coordinate and customize colors for our customer's special events. From thematic holiday designs to simple and sophisticated watercolor wedding invitations, these brush strokes have popped up in every occasion.