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New Year's

One of the real joys of the
holiday season is the opportunity to say “Thank You” and to wish you the very best for the New Year.

Sandy and Paul Renning

Wishing you...
good friends, good times,
good health, good cheer,
and happy days throughout the year.

The Gunther Family

Whatever brings you
joy, contentment, and peace,
whatever good things you want most in life...
may all these be yours in the coming new year.

Joshua and Telly

May the new year give you
365 reasons to be happy!

Kelly and John

May the joys of the season
lead the way to a bright and prosperous New Year.

Sue and Roy Roberts

A new year ahead of us...
a year that is bright
with promise and hope,
a year of wonderful things to come.

Douglas and Mimi Simons

Hoping your brightest wishes come true...
Hoping the new year sparkles perfectly for you!

The Miller Family

Wishing you a shining new year of laughter, light, and love.

Tiffany and Kevin

Wishing you a new year
filled with warm friendships,
happy family times,
and wonderful memories!

The Henderson Family
Carli, Jillian and Bradley

We hope that the coming year will bring peace, good health and prosperity.

The Lay Family

May all the joys of
the holiday season be yours
throughout the New Year!

The McArthur Family

Wishing you quiet moments,
peaceful days, and a year filled with God’s grace.

The Hardin Family
Mckenzie, Jennifer and Charles


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