Sip and See Baby Invitation

The shower was fun and
so wonderfully sweet,
now come on over to
see his tiny head and little feet.

Please join us in welcoming
Max Holiday
on Saturday, October 20th
2:00 pm
Our Home
8516 Wildflower Lane

Our home and hearts are now complete

Patti and Mason Holiday

He has tiny hands and tiny feet
There’s a handsome guy we want you to meet!

Please join us in welcoming
Leo Walker
on Friday, the fifteenth of January
at four o'clock in the afternoon
Our Home
7789 Lockhart Road

Angela & Kevin Walker

Someone special and someone dear, someone new is finally here!

With love and grace
our family requests that you
join us in welcoming our daughter
Sandy Hall
on August 4th at noon

The Grandparents' Home
19 Merry Road
Albany, New York

Lisa and Mitchell Hall