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Howdy Ya'll!

Come one come all!
Brett is turning 30,
and we're gonna have a ball!

Join us for a Western style dinner followed by a hayride at sunset on May 12th
5:30 p.m.
2334 Colonial Club Drive

regrets to Vicky Myers
(915) 234-6645

It's a Roundup for
John Wayne's 50th Birthday!

June 22 at High Noon
Come celebrate with your
favorite cowboys & cowgirls
Join us around the campfire!

Backlands Ranch
345 Canyon Road
Silverrock, Nevada

RSVP by June 12th
to Dotty at 775-843-9752


A reward is out for the friends, who help celebrate the 10th birthday of
Jimmy Black
You are wanted…
Saturday, May 5th
Stockyards Station
12 North Exchange Road
Fort Worth, Texas

Carrie and David Black

A Cowboy Looks At 30!

After 30 years,
Will's learned a few things
Two steppin', and grillin' and drinkin' cold beer,
deer huntin', bronc bustin' and all with no fear.
So let's have a party, we don't want to wait,
BBQ, cold beverages - don't be late!

Saturday, August 25th at 7:00 pm
The Bam Burner
3612 Holt Street
Frisco, Texas

Candi Carlson

Wear your BEST western!

You’re invited!

Join us for a barn dance
August 14th at sundown
(that’s 7:30 for you city folk)
It’s for no big deal
We’re just kickin' up our heels
Jason & Sara Rockford
42096 217st Avenue
Houston, TX

Please RSVP by July 31st

It’s time to mosey on over
to the ranch for a little dancin’ and a little grub
It’s a pre-wedding how-down
in honor of
Camille & Joe
March 15th, 2018
seven in the evening
Londa Star Ranch
Old Highway 93
Bee Cave, Texas

Regrets only to Carole


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