We've Moved

The Taylor Family
has a new new home
4668 South Bend Street
Northern City, Maryland
(555) 555-5555

We've packed up boxes,
lamps, and chairs...

Our home is somewhere new, and we couldn't leave and settle in without telling you
Sarah, James, Patrick, Kelly, and Fluffy Samson
11004 Hyde Park Lane
Thomasville, Georgia 33333

We outgrew our house,
there wasn't enough space, so
we hope you'll come and visit
and see our new place!
Our new address is
98 5th Street
Paula, Alabama 33333

The movers are gone,
the house is a mess.
Don’t visit just yet,
but here’s our new address!

Catie and Mike Templeton
224 Watching Cove
Pensacola, Florida 32444

We've finally settled in!
Please join us for our
Housewarming Party
on May 14th at 4:00 p.m.
7188 Greenland Drive
Haleyville, Florida

Can't stop now
the truck is on its way
to Biloxi
our new place to stay
Jenny and Peter
52355 River Way
Biloxi, MS 33333

We've moved again,
but we haven't traveled far.
We're sending you a note,
so you'll know where we are!
John and Kim Flinch
are now residing at
5568 Camphor Lane
Panama, Florida